Shargya Technologies

Future Thinking

Who we are

We are a Swiss innovation and technology company that helps clients leverage their digital potential.

What we do

We develop effective e-commerce platforms with the related data strategy for a broad range of industries.

Data Collection

We build up together with our client an effective data collection platform, so that data are readable, available in real-time and can be integrated with other data sources.

Insights Generation

All collected data are extensively elaborated and analysed in order to find patterns, correlations, distribution, anomalies, missing values, etc.


We forecast relevant and significant events thanks to the data collected and analysed


We help clients to strengthen the bond between their product and its user, thus we increase the opportunities for further engagement, up and cross-selling.


We help to put in place a data share and exchange ecosystem with our client’s partners in order to generate a more exhaustive, productive and fulfilling experience for the user.

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Our team has extensive experience in digital transformation, e-commerce and data strategy across several industries.

Our clients are all leading corporations in their industry.

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